Change of plan!


One of the things I love about being married to Frank, is that life is never boring and we are both spontaneous people who are happy to change plans on a whim.

Once we arrived here at Vuda Point Marina a few days ago, we started watching the weather predictions & discussing what needed to be done before clearing out of Fiji in the next week.
As we faced our imminent departure, I felt really depressed & we both realized just how sad we felt, particularly after the immense effort to reach here via New Caledonia & Vanuatu, all against the wind.

Sailing into the sunset

Sailing into the sunset

There is still so much to see over this side of the Pacific, and since our plans were shaping up to leave Stars End 2 on a friend’s pontoon in Scarborough, (which would mean moving off the yacht to stay with family), we realized that there seemed little point in taking the yacht all the way back to Australia in the first place. At least that’s my excuse & I am going to stick to it!

Vuda Point Marina

Vuda Point Marina

Sitting in the cockpit, watching the sun set over the yachts from so many varied countries, Frank & I made lists of pro’s & cons & re assessed our hopes & plans.

Much better that we leave the yacht here in Fiji for the season, pray to God that a cyclone does not hit Vuda Point Marina, and then fly back to enjoy Christmas & our new grand children, & then enjoy an early start to another cruising season wherever we decide to venture.

Decision made!

Yesterday we booked our berth at the marina for the cyclone period, and we have booked our flights back to Brisbane in December.

Cutting the roof lining in the front cabin to repair leak from deck fitting.

Cutting the roof lining in the front cabin to repair leak from deck fitting.

Frank has started some of the jobs on the yacht he would have done back in Brisbane. In a few weeks time, he’ll cut out the disintegrating insulation around the freezer and let it dry out whilst we are away for a few months. Hopefully he can ship out or bring back whatever’s necessary to fix the problem once we fly back.

Meantime, we now have a few weeks up our sleeve to enjoy some more of the Fiji summer, so Yasawa Islands here we come!

2 responses to “Change of plan!

  1. Well that sounds like a wonderful plan. It truly looks so beautiful where you are in Fiji, and surrounding islands. Love the photo of you and Frank…just glowing with happiness. Lots of love to you both xxx

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