Snorkeling, Sunsets & Snakes

I respect sea snakes. On the rare occasion when I spot them in the water I’m happy to swim in the opposite direction. So why can’t they do the same thing?

Our unwanted visitor

The snake explored everywhere

So when I spotted another sea snake slithering eagerly in the water round and round the yacht whilst anchored a fair way from the beach, I guessed it was looking for a place to land. But I would like to know what is so interesting about our dinghy? This is the second time we have had an encounter of the slithery kind in recent weeks!

IMG_9895 (1)

We don’t know how venomous they are, or how aggressive, and even Frank was loathe to get into the dinghy with the fast wriggling reptile. So we kept a very close eye on it’s activities and were immensely gratified that it chose to vacate the dinghy of it’s own accord after about 30 mins of exploration into every nook and crevice.


Selfie on uninhabited island

It ‘s surprising that we haven’t come across any sea snakes whilst snorkeling, but maybe I am simply too focused on what is beneath the water to even realize what is swimming on the surface nearby?

We have found the best snorkeling in Fiji has been in less frequented areas. Of course, the weather conditions play a big part as to whether the water is calm and clear, and it has often been too windy to venture too far in the yacht or dinghy to explore these remote locations & reefs. Sometimes though, a reef close to a village or resort can surprisingly provide hours of interesting snorkeling and Frank & I have spent a great deal of our time searching for pristine locations in our travels. Here are some pictures taken in the last few weeks in the Yasawa Islands.

Occasionally, you find some interesting things washed up on the beach!

But at the end of the day, we sail off into the sunset to more adventures on board Stars End 2……

Sunset sail

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