About Frank

Frank was born in East Germany and his mother fled across the Wall with Frank & his younger brother Ralf when they were just toddlers, to join their father who had found work in Dusseldorf. At the age of 9, Frank’s family emigrated by ship to Australia and settled in Bondi, Sydney. It was here that Frank explored the foreshores and developed his love of the water. After school, Frank joined Australia Post as a technician in training and stayed there for 12 years. He spent his spare time between shift work, water-skiing and sailing rental yachts on Sydney Harbour with his friends. In 1975, unable to afford his own yacht, Frank decided to build a 29ft Bruce Roberts designed sloop in his family’s back yard in suburban Campsie.

Frank starting the framework of the yacht in 1975

Frank starting the framework of the yacht in 1975


It was a gruelling project that took almost 5 years, first creating the mold & then building the yacht, progress fluctuating up & down along with his enthusiasm and funds. During this time, Frank honed & developed more skills, which only helped to substantiate his future nickname of ‘Fix-it-Frank”. (After 35 years together, I have yet to see Frank fail to resolve a problem or fix a faulty gadget!!).

Launching Stars End in Nov 1979

Launching Stars End in Nov 1979

‘Stars End’ was finally completed & launched in September 1979. Frank met Nikki just 3 weeks later in Nov 1979, and as they say-‘the rest is history!’. Some weeks later, Nikki needed a place to stay and Frank offered ‘Stars End’ which was moored on Sydney Harbour. After visiting her every day after work, it soon seemed more logical for him to move on board too, so Nikki would row Frank back & forwards to the shore each morning & night, and spend her days painting pictures she sold on commission to an art gallery. In their spare time they worked on completing the yacht inside & out and explored the Harbour’s extensive bays & anchorages as well as improving their sailing skills.

Frank 1975

Frank 1980

They married in 1982 and over the following 2 years explored the east coast of Australia in ‘Stars End’, plus adding a couple of extra crew members along the way!!. After they settled in Brisbane in 1984, ‘Stars End’ became their growing family’s weekend & holiday retreat as they explored Moreton Bay and surrounding areas. Frank moved jobs & became involved in the pre press industry and later moved into the field of computer software support, which he has done working from home for the past 6 years. After joining friends on sailing holidays in Indonesia, Vanuatu & Fiji,  Nikki & Frank realised that their love of life afloat had not diminished with the years, and they started planning their dream of buying a larger cruising yacht once their family had grown up & moved away.

Stars End at Tangalooma on Moreton Bay 1987

Stars End at Tangalooma on Moreton Bay 1987

One response to “About Frank

  1. Hi Frank and Nikki,
    I recently assisted the Vanuatu Cultural Centre compile a report on the state of traditional architecture post-Tropical Cyclone Pam titled, “Safeguarding Indigenous Vernacular Architecture in Vanuatu”. This significant report documents the traditional buildings found across Vanuatu and will assist in the process of encouraging the continuation of the unique building skills that are still currently used in Vanuatu. I would like to get your consent to include in the report a few images from your blog (“I survived the trek to Happy Land”), which have been selected to show the post cyclone condition the Erromango Nakamal. Could you please email me directly so that I can share further details with you. Best regards, Wendy.

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