Yachties afloat!!

Our new home at Newport Marina!

Our new home at Newport Marina!

So, after finally moving out of our house last week, Frank & I are settling in rather nicely into the snug accomodation on board SE2. Admittedly, It has been a challenge to find room for those million and one items that we-can’t-possibly-leave-behind or where-on-earth-shall-we-put-these bags thrust aboard at the last minute, but they are gradually being shoved into various lockers and storage areas, probably lost forever in the bowels of the yacht! I can’t say we seem to be missing the ‘luxuries’ of a house.Despite the cooler temperatures, it has felt no hardship traipsing to the marina complex for showers, though we have not yet had to deal with freezing temperatures or pouring rain.

Stars End 2 stands out with her 2 black carbon fibre masts.

Stars End 2 stands out with her 2 black carbon fibre masts.

No, what I am finding a greater challenge is tackling the fridge on board! I feel guilty for disparaging such a luxury after 30 years of coping with a tiny portable one on board Stars End 1. However, I am non the less baffled with the enigma of fitting a fridge worth’s supply of goodies into an opening 12 inches square yet over 3 feet deep which I can barely reach even when perched over, backside in the air!. I have placed a deep square container in the bottom to utilize the space, but of course whatever is placed inside is near impossible to retrieve without taking out the entire contents of the fridge, and is prone to becoming frozen anyway due to the fridge’s high efficiency. Also anything placed near the element along one side ends up frozen solid so that now rules out the bottom of the fridge and one entire side! Add into the equation, fresh fruit & veggies which I have placed into a deep basket with handles, dairy produce AND let us not forget Frank’s daily supply of cold beer, and I feel I solve a game of Tetrus every time I need to find an item in my fridge. The one positive in this story is that I am sure I can now lose weight, as I genuinely think twice about whether I really want the hassle of ‘scavaging’ through the fridge just to indulge my food cravings. Or even eat!!! The seperate freezer also has it’s own idiosyncrysies but here at least, I don’t have the need to go rummaging several times a day. No, my biggest problem here is other people (namely Frank!), who simply find it impossible to work out my creative packing skills and can never put things back as efficiently as yours truly. Even whilst I have been typing this posting, I have had to rescue Frank to find a bag of carefully stashed ice cubes for our nightly sundowner drinks! I am sure all these small issues will be resolved over time, and seem insignificant in the scheme of things. However, just as we are settling into life on board, I am now assembling all our travelling gear ready to fly out to Tahiti in a week’s time for Paul & Jenny’s wedding. Frank & I fly out a day after the youngsters and are staying at a different hotel, but after the beach wedding in Moorea on may 22nd, we will all fly to the Tuamoto Archipelago for a few days. Frank & I feel so excited and priveleged to be the ONLY guests at their wedding & realise not many parents are invited with their children on their honeymoon, but we are so looking forward to having a break after the last few busy & stressful months, and will endeavour to give the newly weds their space & privacy!!

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