Time to move!

We may not have travelled far- in point of fact, we are in sight of home, but at least we have left the marina, and are lying at anchor!

 Actually, we have had setbacks with the guy who is making the clear covers to enclose the yacht’s cockpit area. We stayed an extra week but are still waiting for the last cover to be made, so we have compromised by anchoring in the Bay in sight of his home and ready to take off once he delivers early next week!! A rather unsubtle hint!

So at least I can finally hear the lapping of the water against the hull, the tinkle of my glass windchimes and the indubitable yet oh-so-familiar clank of the ropes embedded inside the mast  (that have caused us no end of frustration and hours of brainstorming of how to dampen the sound!) plus the gentle snores coming from the front cabin where the skipper is finally taking a long forgotten opportunity to have an afternoon nap! Life feels good.  redcliffe


This image shows the Newport Marina on bottom right where we have been staying on board Stars End 2 almost in view of our old house (with white roof) just 2 houses back from the HUGE white mansion (on the end of the middle canal, right next to marina). Scarborough Marina is at top left of picture. We are anchored just off the screen down the bottom!






This map shows all the islands and inlets where we can shelter and anchor even within a 60 mile area, whilst Frank continues to work over the coming weeks. We have chosen to stay around Brisbane until after a special wedding in mid July. And no- it’s not Michael’s!!



Despite moving on board the yacht,  the invites keep pouring in for gatherings and celebrations and Frank & I are realising that ‘letting go’ of our old lifestyle is proving hard work!  Sooner or later, we will simply have to bite the bullet and miss out or we will never get away! It’s all about choices!!

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